Screencast-o-matic (Free)

Screencast-o-matic is a screen recorder app which gives you the ability to record your screen, take screenshots and share it by hosting it online.

Below is a list of tutorials on how to use the Screencast-o-matic app:

1. Welcome to Screencast-o-matic

2. SOM Hosting Dashboard

3. Taskbar/Menu Bar

4. Screenshot Tool

3.a How to Take a Screenshot
3.b. Edit Screenshots With The Image Editor
3.c. Screenshot Hosting

5. Uploading and Saving a Video

5.a. Upload to Screencast-O-Matic
5.b. Upload to Youtube
5.c. Upload to Google Drive

6. Video Hosting and Management

6.a. Video Channels
6.b. Setting Visibility for Videos and Channels
6.c. Using Folders
6.d. Create Custom Links
6.e. Embed Video Code
6.f. Custom Thumbnails
6.g. Replace Video
6.h. Notes
6.i. Quick Share from Hosting

7. iOS/Android Apps


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