Daily Check-in

Each day you work for your company you need to give a summary of any challenges you faced and overcame yesterday, what you plan to do today and what challenges and questions you have.

Doing this enables your manager to support you and help you to prioritise your work. It also helps to share knowledge with the team so we learn from each other's challenges, and helps everyone know what we are all working on so we can help and support each other more easily.


1) Give a brief overview of any challenges you faced yesterday and how you overcame them
2) What will you work on today? Do you foresee any problems in completing this work?
3) Do you need help with anything? Are you waiting for anyone to respond to your questions?

Depending on your company's setup, you will need to either record/write your answers to the questions above or share your answers during your daily meeting.

Please refer to the Daily Check-in Task in the 'Daily' Column on your task board for more information on how to complete this task each day.


There is no additional homework for this lesson

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