Tunnelbear Virtual Private Network (VPN)

You may be asked to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) when logging into certain sites or accessing certain apps when working for the company.

VPNs improve security and can avoid you getting security alerts when accessing company social media accounts such as Facebook.

You must always use a VPN when accessing any application that holds client information such as email addresses or other private data.

These include: CRMs, Email Automation Tools, Webinar Platforms, Membership sites and more.

Please ask you manager if you are unsure. If in doubt, always use a VPN until you have confirmed that it is not required for a given site.

Failure to do this could lead to the company being prosecuted under GDPR if there was a data breach.

Check if your company has a Tunnelbear account, if not, using the link in the resources to sign up for a free account.

TunnelBear VPN Install and Usage Guide


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