How to Record Your Work

This lesson is all about recording your work to create a detailed guide that we can use to train other people to do the task. This enables us to reallocate tasks easily when you are promoted, need help with your workload, take time off or if you were to leave the company.

This is an essential part of your work both for new tasks and for keeping existing training videos up-to-date.

You should refer back to this training before you create your first few videos and at any time you need a refresher.

• Understand The RECORD Process
• Use the DIDACT™ to delegate tasks
• Creating Effective Video Guides

Record Your Work Lesson Overview

In this video I walk through the process of recording your work and getting it documented so you can start delegating your tasks effectively.

I introduce the DIDACT Method™ and explain how the video you are recording is used when creating your Operations Manual for the task.

The DIDACT Method™

In this video I introduce one of the most powerful frameworks we’ve ever created - The DIDACT Method. This is how you delegate your work effectively and get it done from start to finish without your involvement.

There’s a downloadable DIDACT Quick Reference Sheet in the resources below.

You’ll also find some example Operations Manuals (OMs) which will help you see what to include in DIDACT and show you what the end result looks like once you get these written up in your own Operations Manual.

DIDACT Notes Walkthrough

In this video I give a live demonstration of creating the DIDACT Notes for a task in real time. I show how I note down every input, access and deliverable as I record myself doing a task.

The DIDACT Video™

In this video I explain how to save time by recording a quick video of the DIDACT so someone else can create your operations manual for you.


There is no additional homework for this lesson

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