FYT Course Update History

Here you will find a record of all the updates made to the course content.

14th July 2023

New Lesson: 'Task Wiki'

15th March 2023

New Lesson: 'Control, Visibility, and Organisation'

31st January 2023

New Video: 'Adding Recurring Tasks To The Task Board'

New Lesson: 'Managing Multi-Step, Multi-Person Tasks'

12th November 2022

New Lesson: 'Approving Timesheets and Paying Staff'

12th October 2022

New Video: 'The difference between Inputs and Deliverables'

Lesson title updated, description and links added: 'FYT Group Coaching'

New Resource: 'Detailed Guide on What’s Covered in the Sessions'

New Module: 'Project Management'

New Lesson: 'The Project Placeholder Task'

11th October 2022

New Module: ‘FYT Group Coaching Calendar'

20th September 2022

New Lesson: ‘Track Your Time (Spreadsheet Method)'

17th February 2022

New Videos: ‘Setup Your Employee Task Boards'

4th January 2022

Using Groups to Simplify Access to Files and Folders

23rd December 2021

New Module: 'Managing Yourself'

At the end of this module, you’ll have your own Next Tasks Project populated with everything you are working on and planning to work on in the future, as well as visibility of the important tasks your team are doing.

I’ll also walk you through a typical day in Asana and give you a set routine to follow to ensure you never miss an important notification and you keep on top of your team’s work.

23rd December 2021

New Lesson: 'Virtual Private Networks'

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) masks your computer's IP address and encrypts your data!

27th October 2021

Updated Resources in: 'Setup Your Employee Task Boards'

We have updated the task templates used in the Employee Task Board Template (i.e. SFO Staff Training, Daily Check-in, etc).

To check if you have the latest version, you can refer to the 'SFO Employee Task Board Image' which you can find in the 'Setup Your Employee Task Boards' lesson.

If you need to update your Employee Task Board Template, just open up each of the resources in the  lesson and copy its contents to your task manager.

15th October 2021

New Module: ‘STEP 6: SHARPEN'

In this module I explain three key behaviours and provide you with three tools to empower your staff to become the developers and maintainers of your business systems.

We discuss how to transform your team from problem creators into solution providers.

To be successful with this module, you’ll need to change the way you communicate with your team and encourage them to take responsibility for both making decisions and for the outcomes of their choices.

Get this right, and you will be on your way to truly freeing yourself from the day to day operations of your company.

29th September 2021

New Video: ‘Step 2: Record- Module Overview'

In this video I give an overview of what to expect in this module and explain why recording a video to show someone how to do your work is such an efficient and effective way to delegate your work.

New Video: ‘Record Your Work Lesson Overview'

In this video I walk through the process of recording your work and getting it documented in your so you can start delegating tasks effectively.

I introduce the DIDACT MethodTM and explain how the video you are recording is used when creating your Operations Manual for the task.

Video Updated: ‘The DIDACT Method'

In this video I introduce one of the most powerful frameworks we’ve ever created - The DIDACT MethodTM. This is how you delegate your work effectively and get it done from start to finish without your involvement.

There’s a downloadable DIDACT Quick Reference Sheet in the resources below.

Video Updated: ‘DIDACT Notes Walkthrough'

In this video I give a live demonstration of creating the DIDACT Notes for a task in real time. I show how I note down every input, access and deliverable as I record myself doing a task.

In the resources below, you’ll find some example Operations Manuals (OMs) which will help you see what to include in DIDACT and show you what the end result looks like once you get these written up in your own Operations Manual (which we cover in the next module)

Feel free to use these in your business  

21st September 2021

New Lesson: ‘Assigning and Managing Tasks'

In this lesson you will learn how to assign and manage tasks using the SFO Task Board. At the time of writing this, we have spent over 5 years developing the SFO Task Board to give you the Manager the control and oversight you need to effectively manage your team. 

We have tried many iterations before landing on the five ad-hoc task column headings Pending, Priorities, In Progress, Waiting On, and Waiting For Review and the four recurring task columns Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Periodic. 

We believe this setup gives you all the control and visibility you need to work effectively with your team. 

Please note: This is the setup that your team will be trained on using when they complete the SFO Staff Training Course. I recommend you stick with this set up for now, if you choose to make any changes in the future, you will need to create new training material to teach your team how to use any adaptations you make.

12th September 2021

New Module: ‘Asana Crash Course'

When you start using any new app, it takes a while to get your head around it! Asana is no exception, and due to the flexibility of task management apps like Asana, the learning curve is fairly steep - this is the reason most people don’t use them properly.

By completing this lesson you will be confident in navigating Asana’s various menus and features.

7th September 2021

New Lesson: ‘Sharing Logins Securely’

By completing this lesson you will know the benefits of using a login sharing app such as LastPass. 

You will setup a lastpass account and start using it to store your passwords.

New Lesson: ‘LastPass Teams’

By completing this lesson you will be able to set up and work with LastPass Teams, including setting up your security policies, using the browser extension, adding and removing users, and working with shared folders.

We give examples of how we set everything up so you can use this as a starting point for your business.

New Video: ‘Gmail>Setting Up Email Aliases in Google Workspace

In this short video I demonstrate how you can use email aliases to set up multiple email addresses for a single inbox.

New Video: ‘Gmail>Quick Recap of Email Aliases

In this video I walk you through setting up and using email aliases in Google Workspace.

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