Know it, Like it, Hate it

Answer the Know it, Like it, Hate it sheet if you have not done this yet.

You will create a copy of the 'Know it Want it' template and indicate which skills you already have and/or would like to develop further.

You will perform better doing work you enjoy. Your concentration will be better and you will be more productive and accurate in your work. If you're enjoying your job, this will hopefully mean you are a more positive and motivated member of the team. A positive, happy team works better together and is more supportive and caring.

By completing this task you will give us a great insight into the kind of work you enjoy doing and want to do more of. During our 1-2-1 meetings, we'll review this document to create your personal development plan

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  • Create a copy of the Know it, Like it, Hate it template (Check the Resources section for the template)
  • Answer the sheet
  • Upload the sheet to the ‘My Work’ Task on your Task board

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