Setting Up Google Workspace Using an Existing Domain


In this lesson, I’ll walk you through the process of purchasing and setting up your Google Workspace Account using an existing domain.

If you need to purchase a new domain, please go back to the previous lesson and select ‘Buy a new domain’

Links to all guides are provided as your work through the setup process. I’ve included links to these guides in the resources should you need to refer to them later.


  • Purchasing Your Google Account
  • Verify Your Domain (Add TXT Record to your Host Control Panel)
  • (Optional) Redirect Emails (Update MMX Records)
  • (Optional) Migrating existing emails and contacts
  • Overview of Google Drive Stream (offline access to documents)

Google Workspace Setup (Using Existing Domain)

(Optional) Redirect Your Emails to Gmail

Accessing Your New Gmail Account (Existing Domain)

Google Drive and Drivestream (Quick Overview)



There is no additional homework for this lesson.

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