The Systems For Outsourcing Programme

We'll show you how to create systems, outsource your work and free your time.

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Dr Steve Day, Founder

"Any Business Owners that struggle with freeing themselves from the shackles of running their own business need to check out Steve Day’s Systems for Outsourcing program. I can honestly say that from personal experience of working with Steve he has helped revolutionise my business and I now have more free time than I thought possible a few months back and a more profitable business #highlyrecommended."

Kevin Brittain, Promodus, September 2017

“It has literally been the best course I have done in terms of making a change in my business and also in terms of value for money. It has saved me at least a year in terms of business progress.

It has given me the confidence that we have the systems in place to expand the business and we are looking at scaling up.”

Dr Rachel Coates, The Serviced Accommodation Company, February 2018

"The Systems for Outsourcing platform is the most incredible in-depth system for hiring VA's and outsourcing. The value within this 'course' is exceptional. Really, it is not a course as such, but more of a plug and play system that enables you to outsource all of your web/ computer based tasks within days of receiving the programme content. They even hire and train a VA for you who then creates your operations manual as you work through the programme!"

Simon Das, Das Property Management, September 2017.

"4 months after starting the SFO Program and I have 4 VAs, a fully outsourced business and 90% of my personal email are outsourced too!

Overall, I'm already about 70% towards all of my 6 month goals!"

Dr Say Vivekanantham, Pentagon Property, February 2018

Elaine Lawrence, July 2017

James Grew, August 2017

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