"Free Your Time"

Thank you for choosing to invest in the Systems for Outsourcing Programme

Your place is now secure and we will begin the process of setting you up on the pre-course site and adding you to the private Facebook Community. This usually takes 2 working days. You will then have access to the pre-course material which you need to start working through immediately. We cannot setup your SFO platform until you have completed this. As part of the pre-course module, you'll start to create a list of your current tasks- this takes at least 2 weeks so you need to start this right away. Your Systems for Outsourcing Mentorship Programme will begin in approximately 4 weeks. Subject to availability.

You now need to set-up your payments for your mentorship subscription. The first payment will be taken a couple of days before your start date and then monthly after that. Once we have received your first payment, we will setup your SFO Platform, onboard your VA and give you full access to the course material.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there a delay before starting SFO?
Firstly, we strictly limit the number of people on the programme at any time so your start date is set to the next available place i.e. when someone else finishes the 6 weeks intensive coaching programme.
Secondly, you need time to complete the pre-course material before starting SFO. This takes at least 2 weeks so even if we weren't oversubscribed we'd still have your start date 2 weeks from today.

When is my first Mentorship session?
Your mentorship sessions start along with your course. We will be intouch in the next week with the date and time of your first session.

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