Periodic Performance Assesment

In order to complete the appraisal of your employee's performance, you will conduct an assessment to evaluate your their work, behaviours and attitude. This will help you in determining what kind of pay rise you can offer them and what goals you could work on in terms of their Personal Development Plan.

Please refer to the Resources section for a file called ‘SAO Performance Review Scoresheet TEMPLATE’. You’ll need to create your own copy of this file and save it to your own Shared Drive or online storage.

This spreadsheet contains the following metrics which you will use to assess your employee:

  • Pre-Appraisal Meeting Questions
  • KPIs personal and team
  • Personal Development
  • 121s with manager
  • Feedback on 121s with manager
  • Suggestions before questions (SBQ)
  • Proactive participation in process development/improvement
  • Elimination of waste in the department - including regular review of time-consuming tasks
  • Departmental meetings

If there are other managers in your team who have worked with the employee, we’d suggest sharing their Performance Review Scoresheet with them so they could add their own reviews as well.

Finally, in the Homework section of this lesson, we’d suggest referring to a guide called ‘SAO Performance Review Guidelines’ for additional guidance on doing an assessment for your employee. This guide can be used during both the Probationary and Periodic Performance reviews.

Here's what you'll learn in this lesson:

  • How to evaluate your employee's performance in the last six months using the Performance Review Scoresheet


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  • Create a copy of the SAO Performance Review Scoresheet and evaluate your employee’s performance
  • (OPTIONAL) Ask other managers who have handled your new employee to add their review in the Performance Review Scoresheet
  • Refer to the ‘Performance Review Guidelines’ for additional guidance on how to review your employee (found in the ‘Homework’ section of this page)
  • Send your employee an invite to the Periodic Performance Review Meeting

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