Employee Onboarding Process
Update History


Here you will find a record of all the updates made to this course.

27th October 2021

  • Updated Employee Task Board Template

    NOTE: If you don’t have an existing ‘Employee Task Board Template’ and/or this is your first time using the SFO Onboarding System, you can ignore the action steps below. Just follow the SFO Onboarding steps accordingly to ensure you don’t miss any important step before you create your employee’s task board.

    We have updated the task templates used in the Employee Task Board Template (i.e. SFO Staff Training, Daily Check-in, etc).

    Using the Onboarding System requires that you are using the latest version of the SFO Employee Task Board. You can refer to this FYT course lesson and view the ‘SFO Employee Task Board Image’ to check if all the Task Templates and Columns on your Task Board Template are updated. (You’ll also find the course lesson link on the onboarding step where you create your employee’s task board).

    If you need to update your Employee Task Board Template, just open up each of the resources in the FYT course lesson and copy its contents to your task manager.