Great, you've now selected your apps and are ready to proceed to Stage 1

The Onboarding Flowchart below shows the four stages in the Onboarding process.


Now you've selected your apps, you are ready to proceed to STAGE 1 where you will set up your employee's company email and task board. You will also share logins with your employee through LastPass. Once these steps are completed, you will send the onboarding email to your employee.


We will provide you with an onboarding email template for you to use that guides your employee through STAGE 2 of the onboarding process. During this stage, they will set up all the rest of the apps they need to start working with you.


Once they have completed STAGE 2, they will email you to confirm everything is done. You will then be ready to proceed to STAGE 3.


On STAGE 3, you will be guided to send the Welcome email. We will provide you with the Welcome Email template to send to your employee. This contains instructions on the final steps they will take to complete STAGE 4.


Then they will be ready to start working for you! 🙂

The Onboarding Process Flowchart

This flowchart above gives you an overview of the four stages in the onboarding process.

The BLUE boxes represent actions you will take, while the YELLOW boxes are actions that your employee will complete.

We provide both you and your employee with detailed instructions at each stage in the process. Please review the flowchart and proceed to the next page when you are ready to get started.

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