STAGE 1 - Manager Actions

Create The Employee Task Board

The Employee Task Board is used to manage your employee's workload and prioritise important tasks. New tasks you will be assigning to your employee should be added to their Employee Task Board with a proper due date.

In this step, you will be creating the Employee Task Board on the task manager app and adding your employee as a member.

Your employee does not have a task manager account at this stage in the process, so when adding them to their task board, add the company email address that you have created for them.

Using the Onboarding System requires that you are using the latest version of the SFO Employee Task Board. Go to this course lesson and refer to the SFO Employee Task Board image to make sure all the Task Templates and Columns on your Task Board Template are updated.

Watch the video tutorial on how to complete this step.


1. Create a copy of the Employee Task Board Template

2. Rename the Task Board to add your employee's name

3. Add your employee as a member of the Task Board

4. Assign the tasks on the Task Board to your employee.
If you need guidance in assigning the SFO Staff Training
task, you can refer to this video.

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