STAGE 1 - Manager Actions

Set up a New Email Account

Your employee's company email account is the first account that needs to be created as this is where all their other company accounts will be linked to. Since your employee will be using a paid company email account, you will need to add your employee as a user in your email platform.

Once you've created your employee's email account, take note of the email address and password you have set up as you will be sharing these details with your employee. This is done by creating a one-time secret link which you will add to the onboarding email you will send to your employee. Your employee will then access the email and configure their other company accounts.


To add a user to your company email platform, refer to the links below: 

Click this link if you are using Google Workspace: How to Add a Google Workspace user 

Click this link if you are using Microsoft 365: How to Add a Microsoft 365 user


Watch the video below to learn how to share the login details through a one-time secret link.


1. Create a user in your company email platform

2. Set up the one-time secret link

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