Password Sharing App

LastPass is the password sharing tool we recommend you use to share account logins with your employee. Your employee should have their own LastPass account which will be exclusively for company use. Doing this means you retain control of the account when the employee leaves the company.


If you are using LastPass Free or Premium, your employee should create a free LastPass account for company use. In this case, they will sign up and set up the account themselves. Instructions on doing this are given in the email template we will provide for you during this onboarding process.


If you are using LastPass Teams, you can choose whether your employee uses a free account or, if you want more control via the LastPass Admin Console, you can add them as a user to your LastPass Teams account. Adding a user to LastPass Teams will cost a specific amount per month depending on the type of LastPass business account you have.


Further guidance on choosing the right LastPass account for your business can be found in your Systems For Outsourcing Course content.

Select the type of LastPass account YOUR EMPLOYEE will be using.

(IMPORTANT: If you have LastPass Teams, but you are adding your employee as a FREE USER, you should select LASTPASS FREE)

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