[FIRST TIME ONLY] Set Up an Account with Recruitment Site

In Recruit Right, we use a website called OnlineJobs.ph to hire assistants from the Philippines.

We choose to hire assistants from the Philippines. Because of the low cost of living over there, this makes it affordable for us to hire people, but still give them a decent wage and a decent quality of life. You'll find the link to OnlineJobs.ph in the Resources section of this lesson.

With Recruit Right, you'll be asking the applicants to complete an online questionnaire as part of the application process. You therefore need to be able to paste a link into the job posting on the recruitment site.

With OnlineJobs.ph, you will need to pay for a Pro plan account so that you can post a link to your form on the job posting. If you go through the basic or Free plan, this won't allow you to post the link in your job posting.

We'll be providing you with more details about it in the video included in this lesson.

In this lesson, you will set up your OnlineJobs.ph account. If you are delegating the hiring task to your assistant, you must share access to your OnlineJobs.ph account with them so they can complete the hiring process for you.

OnlineJobs.ph is a monthly subscription. We suggest you sign up for an account, pay for the first month of a Pro subscription, and cancel it straight away. Even if you cancel, you'll still be able to use the service you've already paid for until the remainder of that month.

Doing this gives you option to repeat the recruitment process as many times as you want during your subscription, without getting charged during the next month.

Here's what you'll learn in this lesson:

  • How to create an account in OnlineJobs.ph
  • Why you should sign up for a Pro plan in OnlineJobs.ph

(OPTIONAL) Create OnlineJobs.ph account


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There is no additional homework for this lesson.

  • Watch the video above
  • Create an OnlineJobs.ph account
  • Sign up for a Pro subscription on OnlineJobs.ph
  • (If delegating the hiring task to someone else) Share account access to the person you’ll be delegating the hiring task to

Q. What type of Onlinejobs.ph plan should I get, and why?

A. We’d suggest getting a Pro plan account. This type of plan will enable you to post the link to your Job Application form in your job description.Also, it’ll spare you the 2-day wait of having your job advertisement approved because having this type of subscription will allow you to post your ad instantly.
Don’t worry, you may cancel immediately after subscribing, and you’ll still end up getting the full month of service you’ve paid for.

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