Save the Fact Find Template and Create the Job Posting Folder

The Fact Find document is where you’ll be putting all the information you (if you’re doing this yourself) or your assistant will need in order to create the job posting, Position Agreement, and the General Terms of Engagement for your new employee.

It's important to do this before the recruitment process so you have all the information to hand over to the person doing this task.

In it, you'll need to enter information about yourself, your company, the role you're hiring for, as well as the expectations and responsibilities that come with it.

We’ve included the Fact Find TEMPLATE in the Resources section of this lesson. Please make a copy of it and move your copy to the 01. Job Posting TEMPLATES folder.

Then, you'll also be creating the Job Posting folder. This folder is where all files related to your hiring activity should be saved.

You'll need to create one inside your Recruitment > Job Postings folder. In case you haven't organised your Recruitment folder yet, please refer to the lesson called 'Create the Recruitment Folder', which can also be found in the Setting Up module, for guidance on how to do it.

Here's what you'll learn in this lesson:

  • How to create your own copy of the Fact Find
  • How to create a Job Posting folder

Create a Copy of the Fact Find
- Google

Create a Copy of the Fact Find
- Microsoft (MS)

Create the Job Posting Folder


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There is no additional homework for this lesson.

  • Watch the videos above
  • (FIRST TIME USERS) Create a copy of the Recruit Right Fact Find TEMPLATE (see Resources section) and save it to your 01. Job Posting TEMPLATES folder
  • Create the Job Posting Folder

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