Fill Out the Fact Find

In the previous lesson, we've saved a copy of the Fact Find template to your Recruitment folder and created the Job Posting folder.

This time around, you'll be filling out the Fact Find. By accomplishing it, the person performing the hiring task will use the answers you've provided to create the documents needed for hiring without having to go back to you every now and then to ask information.

Now that you have your own Fact Find template, you must make another copy of it, this time saving it to a Job Posting folder, which you'll be creating for this hiring process. This is done so you don't accidentally erase or write anything on the template, which makes it usable for the next times you'll be hiring.

The copy you’ve created is the file you should be using for this task. Answer all the questions on it so you could prepare all the information you'll be needing for hiring.

You'll find a Fact Find Guidance in the Resources section, which you can use as your guide on filling out this document.

Here's what you'll learn in this lesson:

  • How to fill out the Fact Find

Fill Out the Fact Find


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  • Watch the video above
  • Make a copy of your Fact Find template and save it in the Job Posting folder
  • Fill out the Fact Find

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