[FIRST TIME ONLY] Create the Recruitment Folder and its Subfolders

The Recruitment folder is where all your recruitment templates and all files related to the hiring activity will be saved. You’re going to be creating these folders now, so that when you progress through, you’ll have some place to save every document.

This is especially important if your assistant is doing the Recruitment for you, so they’ll know exactly where they need to save all the templates.

Here, we’ll be asking you to create a Recruitment folder in your online storage and give your assistant edit access to it. This would mean enabling them to add files to the folders and make changes to these.

In the Resources section of this lesson, we’ve included a document containing the names you’ll be using for the sub-folders you’ll be creating. The video below will guide you through the process.

Here's what you'll learn in this lesson:

  • How to make your own Recruitment folder

Create the Recruitment Folder
and its Subfolders - Google

Create the Recruitment Folder
and its Subfolders - Microsoft (MS)


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There is no additional homework for this lesson.

  • Watch the video above
  • Create recruitment folder and subfolders in your chosen online storage (see Resources section for folder names)
  • (If delegating the hiring task to someone else) Give edit access to the person you’ll be delegating the hiring task to

Q: Can I use OneDrive or Dropbox in doing this?

A: Yes, you can use any service you want. Just create the folder and subfolders as directed. You just need to be able to share edit access to your assistant when delegating this task.

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