Advice on Wages for Filipino Virtual Assistants

Before you fill out the Fact Find which you'll be handing over to the individual who will be taking care of the hiring activity on your behalf, here are some information that are useful to know:  all about wages for Filipino virtual assistants and the best practices in paying them.

When you are advertising your job, it is a good idea to give an estimate of what the person is going to be earning for this particular role.

The cost of living in the Philippines means that you could provide a good quality of life, paying considerably less than you would do if you were hiring someone from the UK or US.

As a general rule of thumb, we recommend starting an Admin virtual assistant between 2.31 to 3.23 GBP (or 150 to 200 PHP) per hour.

In the Resources section of this page, you’ll find Online jobs.PH’s guide wages and best practices when paying your virtual assistant, you’ll find an article written by Dr. Steve Day on fair wages in the Philippines, and also an article about the Tax Obligations of a Filipino VA.

Then, below, you’ll find a video about payment methods you could use in paying your employee.


Here's what you'll learn in this lesson:

  • Advice on what to pay the employee you'll be hiring
  • Best practices on paying Filipino virtual assistants

PayPal vs. TransferWise


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There is no additional homework for this lesson.

  • Watch the video above
  • Read the articles in the Resources section of this page
  • Decide on the rate per hour you’ll be paying for the role you’re hiring for
  • Decide on which payment method to use and how often you’ll be paying your VA

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