Prepare the Final Shortlist

After grading the Interview responses of the remaining candidates and determined who had passed and failed this task, you will be preparing a shortlist for your manager so they could choose who they would like to offer the role to.

[(FIRST TIME USERS) Please make a copy of the Final Shortlist TEMPLATE in the Resources section of this lesson and move it to the 05. Job Offer TEMPLATES subfolder in your own Recruitment folder.]

Make a copy  of your Final Shortlist TEMPLATE, and save it to the Job Posting folder. For more information on how to do this, refer to this lesson.

Then, enter the information of the shortlisted applicants in the form. You’ll be asked to enter the following information:

  1. Shortlisted applicant’s name
  2. Link to their video interview
  3. Interview score
  4. Link to their Test Task submission
  5. Test Task score
  6. Preferred hourly rate
  7. Genius profile
  8. Availability per week
  9. Link to their resume

It’d be good to have all these details on the Final Shortlist sheet so that your manager can easily review these without having to open all the other grading sheets you’ve create.

Having all this information included will make it easier for your manager to decide who they’d like to take on as a new employee.

Once you’re done filling out this sheet, you could share this with your manager by posting the link to the file in the ‘Hire an Employee’ task.

Here's what you'll learn in this lesson:

  • How to prepare the final shortlist

Prepare and Present the Final Shortlist


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  • Watch the video above
  • (FIRST TIME USERS ONLY) Create a copy of the Final Shortlist Table TEMPLATE (see Resources section) and save it to your 05. Job Offer TEMPLATES folder
  • Prepare the Final Shortlist Table
  • Message your manager (or comment on the Hire an Employee task) with a link to the Shortlist to ask for them to select their preferred applicant. Use the Message Template from the resources section.

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