Create the New Employee’s General Terms of Engagement

The General Terms of Engagement contain the the conditions that the person you're employing must agree to before they can be employed by your company.

Similar to the Position Agreement, this document will then serve as a formal agreement between you and the applicant, detailing the responsibilities and nature of work expected from them.

(FIRST TIME USERS) Please make a copy of the General Terms of Engagement TEMPLATE in the Resources section of this lesson and move it to the 06. HR Policy TEMPLATES sub-folder in your own Recruitment folder.

Once you have your own Terms of Engagement template, you must make another copy of it, this time saving it to the Job Posting folder, and use it to create the new employee's Terms of Engagement. This is done so the template can still be used the next time you're ready to hire again. For more information on how to do this, refer to this lesson.

We've also included an example General Terms of Engagement document (see Resources section), which you could use as a guide when you're creating one of your employee.

Here's what you'll learn in this lesson:

  • How to create a General Terms of Engagement for your new employee

**NOTE: Please use the information on the Fact Find to create the Terms of Engagement. Also please remember to update this document once you've identified who you will be hiring for the role. You'll need to update the title of the file, as well as enter their name and email address within the document.**

Create the New Employee’s General Terms of Engagement


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  • Watch the video above
  • (FIRST TIME USERS) Create a copy of the General Terms of Engagement TEMPLATE (see Resources section) and save it to your 06. HR Policy TEMPLATES folder
  • Create your new employee’s General Terms of Engagement

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