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An SAO Position Agreement (SAOPA) is like a job description on steroids! Where a job description simply lists tasks to be performed by an employee, a Position Agreement creates accountability by describing in detail the required behaviours, standards, responsibilities, and targets or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of the role.

The Position Agreement includes your company's Mission Statement and Values, as well as the company-wide standards that all employees and contractors must adhere to. It defines how the role contributes to your Company's Mission and how the work will be performed in line with your Company's Values.

It also lists the support, training, and resources that will be provided to the employee to enable them to perform their role.

The link to the Position Agreement should be included in the new employee's General Terms of Engagement.

For this lesson, we've linked an example Position Agreement (see Resources section), which you could use as a guide when you're creating one of the new employee.

(FIRST TIME USERS) Please make a copy of the Position Agreement TEMPLATE in the Resources section of this lesson and move it to the 06. HR Policy TEMPLATES sub-folder in your own Recruitment folder.

Once you have your own Position Agreement template, you must make another copy of it, this time saving it to the Job Posting folder, and use it to create your own Position Agreement. This is done so the template can still be used the next time you're ready to hire again. For more information on how to do this, refer to this lesson.

Learning points for this lesson:

  • How to create a Position Agreement for your new employee

**NOTE: Please refer to the Fact Find for the information you'll be needing for completing the Position Agreement. If your manager hasn't filled it out, kindly refer them to the Fact Find lesson in the Setting Up module of this course. Please also remember to update your Position Agreement to add the new employee's name once you've identified who you will be hiring for the role.**

Create the Position Agreement


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  • Watch the video above
  • (FIRST TIME USERS) Create a copy of the Position Agreement TEMPLATE and save it to your 06. HR Policy TEMPLATES folder
  • Create a Position Agreement for your new employee

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