Set Up the Job Application Form

IMPORTANT: The Job Application form is a Google form. To use this, you will simply need a free Gmail account so that you can collect the responses and export these to a Google Sheet.

Once you've exported the responses to a sheet, you can copy and paste it to the spreadsheet software of your choice.

The Job Application form contains the set of questions that'll allow you to properly screen candidates for the position you're hiring for.

In this form, you'll be asking each applicant a number of questions which will contribute to them being shortlisted or eliminated, such as the specifications of their computer, their Genius profile, how fast their internet connection is, and many more.

(FIRST TIME USERS) Please make a copy of the Job Application Form TEMPLATE in the Resources section of this lesson and move it to the 02. Job Application TEMPLATES sub-folder in your own Recruitment folder.

Once you have your own Job Application Form template, you must make another copy of it, this time saving it to the Job Posting folder. This copy you've made will be the form you will be setting up and linking to the Job Posting. This is done so the application form template can still be used the next time you're ready to hire again.

Here's what you'll learn in this lesson:

  • How to prepare the application form you'll be using for your hiring activity

Set Up the Job Application Form - Google

Set Up the Job Application Form - Microsoft (MS)


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There is no additional homework for this lesson.

  • Watch the video above
  • (FIRST TIME USERS) Create a copy of the Job Application Form TEMPLATE (see Resources section) and save it to your 02. Job Application TEMPLATES folder
  • Set up your job application form

Q: I’m not using Google. Will I be able to view the Job Application Form TEMPLATE?

A: At the moment, it isn’t possible to view and copy the Job Application Form TEMPLATE if you’re not signed in to a Google account. We’d suggest creating one first.

Q: I’m not using Google. How do I use the form?

A: In the Beta version of Recruit Right, the Job Application Form Template is in a Google form as it allows you to export the answers to a spreadsheet. If you want to recreate this form in your own software, you can just copy and paste the answers.You can sign up for a free Gmail account so you can download the form and copy and paste the answers.Please let us know if you are having any problems with this.

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